If electronic music was humanized

With his curious personality, Luca always comes to asking himself: What if… „What if I combined my band arrangements with my electronic music?“ Luca started out by playing guitar when he turned seven. Not much later he began with writing songs and playing them with his Band around his hometown Cologne. He came to producing his songs, when he discovered the possibility to get more out of songwriting than just with a guitar. Luca brings the human grooves and sounds into his electronic productions, which lets him end up with his musical hybrid he calls „LUCA“.


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Luca Janzen is a musican based in Cologne, Germany who composes, produces and performs own music. He started his musical education in 2006 when he was seven years old and received education in guitar, piano and vocal lessons all while constantly taking part in coachings and playing in different bands. Over the years Luca got more interested in music production and started a home studio. Currently he is studying Songwriting at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede, Netherlands. He (co-)writes, produces and mentors not only for colleagues but also for clients.


kosmikk delivers lofi beats to study to. Whether you are looking for groovy instrumental beats or atmospheric sounds, kosmikk has got it all. Be ready for different dimensions with soothing melodies and wavy guitar-sounds. Get ready to dive in.


...is a band based in Cologne, making alternative / singer-songwriter music since 2010. In March 2018 they released their very first EP 'Heart Made Of Gold' which is available everywhere. Right now, they are working on new music to release!

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